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See below for photographs from the author’s research trip to England.

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Permission is hereby granted by the copyright holder to use in print or online media any of the images on this page in conjunction with a review or article about any of these titles or their author.

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Photographs of legendary sites

While writing Lancelot's Grail the author traveled to England and explored the many historical ruins connected to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The following photographs may be used in print or online media to accompany a review or article about the novel Lancelot's Grail. Include the attribution: Photo © Richard Gartee, 2013.

INSTRUCTIONS: To download the full size photo Right-click on the desired photo and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the drop-down list (wording varies by browser). Most photos are 2272 × 1704. If you select "Save Image as" you will be saving only the small thumbnail version.

Buried hill fort at Cadbury considered to be the likely site of Camelot.
Tintagel ruins, legendary birthplace of King Arthur.
The Abbot's Kitchen
The Abbot's Kitchen where one of the main characters, Alura, works.
Ancient stone cider press
Ancient stone cider press. Frith, one of the main characters, brings the Abbot a cool drink of cider on a hot August day.
Merlin's Cave
Merlin's Cave beneath Tintagel.
King Arthur's Stone
Inscribed 9 foot King Arthur’s Stone, dated mid 6th century – located at Camelford, site of Arthur's final battle.
Glastonbury Cathedral
Glastonbury Cathedral where Lancelot buried Guinevere next to King Arthur. Their tombs were discovered by monks in 1191.