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Ordering information for Retail Bookstores

We love local books stores and appreciate your interest, but Lake & Emerald Publications does not direct ship to bookstores.

US Distribution is handled by Ingram Book Company,
Baker &Taylor, and wholesalers who purchase through them.

The following information will be helpful when ordering through Ingram or your wholesaler:

Title: Lancelot's Grail
Subtitle: New Age Teachings on Self Awareness and Enlightenment Set in an Arthurian Story
Author: Richard Gartee
ISBN 10: 0989510417
ISBN 978-0-9895104-1-7
Trade Paperback 6" x 9", 304 pages, Retail $15.95 USD

Booksellers in the UK
locate the title in Nelson BookData,
the EAN is: 9780989510417
Trade Paperback 6" x 9", 304 pages, Retail £11.95 GBP

Distribution arrangements for Lancelot's Disciple are still in process. This page will be updated as soon as books are available.

Author readings and signings
We mourn the ever-diminishing number of brick and mortar stores. We can help you build traffic to your store with an author reading, book signing or other event.
Visit our Author’s Contact page to query when he will be in your area.