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Book Clubs / Reading Groups

Enrich your book club or reading group experience.

Hand-outs containing supplemental material prepared especially for book clubs are available for any book on this page. Click on the link below any cover image to open a PDF which you may print or save on your computer.

These supplemental hand-outs include an introductory synopsis, discussion questions for your book club, and a Q&A with the author describing how he came to write each novel.

We hope that these materials will enliven your book club or reading group and increase your enjoyment of these titles.

Photos from the author’s trip to Britain researching Lancelot’s Grail and Lancelot’s Disciple.

At left two photos of a 678 AD abby kitchen that infomed his description of Alura’s workplace in the novels.More photos from Britain can be found on the Press page.

Abbot's Kitchen
The Abbot’s kitchen in a restored monastery from ancient Britain.
pigs on a spit
The kitchen’s cone-shaped roof created a draft for the fireplaces.