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Ragtime Dudes
In a Thin Place

Ragtime is new, Victorians are out, and free love is on the rise

Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award First Place

“An absolutely creative work. Well-written and entertaining. This work deserves high praise.” —Judge’s comments

The Midwest Book Review: “An inherently fascinating and absorbing read from cover to cover, Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place showcases author Richard Gartee’s originality as a novelist as his genuine flair for a thoroughly reader engaging narrative storytelling style... unreservedly recommended”

front cover Ragtime Dudes

Paperback and Kindle editions available for now! Click here

Watch video of author reading excerpt from Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place


Skating on
Skim Ice

The Life and Times of
Richard Andrew Gartee
cover Skating on Skim Ice

Watch video of author reading excerpt from Skating on Skim Ice

Lancelot’s Grail

front cover Lancelot's Grail

Lancelot’s Disciple

cover Lancelot's Disciple
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